Tamar Academy is a highly rated institution for management development. We are a fully fleshed business consultancy company that is delivering its services all around the Republic of South Africa and beyond our borders. Our services ranges from finance, management, marketing, project management, protocol and ethics, corporate governance and agricultural programmes. These courses will help you to enhance your skills and on the job motivation.

We are welcoming all our stakeholders who are keen to invest in skills management. Every growing company thirsts for skills improvement and development. Partner with us to develop and motivate your staff. A tired workforce retards growth and a motivated workforce encourages growth. All our courses are accredited to ensure that they are internationally recognised. We are happy to provide you with an opportunity to send your staff for continuous development. Good luck in your endeavours to develop and improve service delivery at any level of the organisations in which you work. Thank you!!!


Course Categories

For our international students, we also provide regular touring and shopping trips, on top of the field trips in and around Johannesburg and Pretoria, to enhance their acquisition of not only the academic skills but also the practical and social exposures which they will so much cherish!!Choose us for a very fulfilling learning experience and have time off your busy schedules to mingle with others from different corners of our continent in a participatory learning environment and sharpen/be sharpened by your counterparts from other countries.



Important Information

When you have decided to enrol at Tamar Academy(Pty) Ltd, let us know your desired course by contacting us through the following means Telephone, fax, email, phone sms or whats app for more detailed arrangements

 Give us your details to help us arrange for your acceptance and accommodation in South Africa. You may need assistance in obtaining the following:

  • New passport application
  • Visa application
  • Sponsorship for any of your study, travelling or boarding expenses
  • Confirming air travel routes or their availability

 After indicating you intention to enrol on any course the college will send you the following

  • Our acceptance letter, stating the course for which you have been booked and the duration of study which you choose
  • Accommodation and tuition invoices showing the fees applicable to your chosen programmes of study and duration

 Please Note: Do not come to Tamar Academy(Pty) Ltd before you finalise the arrangements for payment of course and accommodation fees.

If you wish to apply you can go to our "APPLY ONLINE PAGE". You can also call us or whats app on the numbers in the "CONTACT US" Page.