Forklift Training

OHS act driven machine regulations CODES: F01 - F05

Counterbalance Lift Truck (Forklift)
Reach Truck

Who should Attend:

Operators requiring certification in terms of the OHS Act, refresher courses, novice operators, Supervisors / Managers.

Course Includes:

Identify and state the principles of operation of the Forklift
Identify and state the function of major components
Identify and state the function of controls
Perform all pre and start up checks prior to operating the forklift
Correctly and safely refueling the forklift
Perform all close down checks when parking the forklift
Safe and correct stacking of different materials
Safe and correct loading and off-loading
General Safety Rules
To daily carry out a complete and systematic inspection and report faults.
Describe the effect of center of gravity and the combined center of gravity on the stability of the truck.

Novice Operator: 5 Days

Re-certification : 1 Day

Training Ratio:
Maximum 4 Operators per instructor